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Established in China mainland in 2003 ,WeiFang Works Co.,Ltd is a professional chemical manufacturer. devote to the research ,development and productions of polyacrylamides.Along with our branch companys and material suppliers basic on China main land we built a larger selling network all over the world .Our main business is about waste water treatment and paper chemicals. Applying to paper making and printing,textiles,leather,petrochemical, oilfield,food,breweries and wineries ,electroplating, pharmaceutical and so on .

Works's products have already gained high reputation in Latin American, Southeast Asian ,Middle Europe and China mainland .we have set up a special study group to choose and develop various polymeric functional monomers so as to meet various idiographic requirements from all kinds of users. We maintain stringent quality control programs and observe international codes and practices, and are thereby able to cater to our clients satisfactorily.

Works combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through research and innovation, we support our customers in nearly every industry in meeting the current and future needs of society.

Works is constantly striving for new levels of excellence. Our aim is to develop pioneer solutions and products that will open up new opportunities for the company,its employees, and partners.

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Works the China leading chemical company , economic success with environmental protection &social responsibility is our Corporate philosophy and purpose .As the China reputable chemical supplier through research and innovation to support our customers in meeting the current and future needs .More than 20 years development we have secured the market throughout in Latin American, North American, Southeast Asian ,Eastern Europe , Africa ,Asia and Australia . Quality is life of our enterprise .



With the professional team ,exquisite technical and good experiences we supply OEM &ODM service according to the customers requires . For our customers quality control is the first top important .And all of our staff stand behind our products , to insure you, our valued customers, the highest quality chemicals , timely shipment and approving after-sale services .

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