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What are the characteristics of municipal sludge treatment? How many methods and influencing factors of sludge dewatering that used polyacrylamide are there?

Published:3/22/2016 3:38:52 PM  

 Now most of the urban sewage treatment plant use biochemical treatment process, which will produce a lot of biochemical sludge in the process of sewage treatment. The moisture content is higher than normal sludge is the characteristics of biochemical sludge, so the volume is large. Transportation is inconvenient and costs increase. It is easy to cause the secondary pollution of the environment if mishandled, . With environmental protection being important to a country, municipal sewage and sludge treatment has become the focus of nation.

The biochemical sludge need a sullage dehydration in sewage treatment plants to facilitate subsequent disposal. After water in biochemical sludge through the filter and gravity concentration, sludge can be removed part of free water and interstitial water, but as a result of biochemical sludge is organic particles as the main body of the suspension, fine grain and colloidal properties has a great affinity with water, in the Brownian motion of particles (note: Brownian motion are particles are suspended in the fluid by liquid molecular and particle collision and the random movement of go on forever.) Electrostatic repulsion between colloidal particles and colloidal particles on the surface of the hydration film, under the action of most of the sludge particles scattered difficult coalescence and suspended in the water is hard to sedimentation and dehydration. 

How to reduce the sludge moisture content? First of all is to change the sludge dewatering performance. Now the most commonly used method of sludge conditioning is heightening molecular polyacrylamide flocculant sludge dehydration reagents. Polymer flocculant can overcome the electrical repulsion and hydration, to improve the physical and chemical properties of the sludge, the sludge colloid particle stability, enhance cohesion, improve sludge dewatering performance, make its reduced capacity, reduce transport costs and the subsequent disposal expenses, reduce management costs. Therefore, medicament for sludge dewatering technology has important application value.