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China envieronmental protection enterpeise is diriven by “the Belt and Road Initiatives”

Published:5/4/2016 8:53:12 AM  

In the era of globalization, multinational cooperation has become a reality. China environmental protection industry which is under "policy driven" have their own development pursuit in the circumstances. And the current "area" construction  provides a great opportunity for the environmental protection enterprise to "go out".

On the just-concluded 19th harvard Chinese BBS, the national federation of industry and commerce chamber of commerce, Mr Potier environment chairman and President of lijun zhao throws a prophetic view to people who pay close attention to China's environmental problems on international, "In next 20 years, the greatest environmental protection enterprise over the world will be born in China." 
This clear and firm assertion surprised many people. Although launched the "green development" ideas, China's environmental protection industry and environmental conditions have changed a lot, but "the greatest in the world", it still seems to be very far away. 
However, see if the world's leading European and American environmental protection industry development, we can found that these countries have experienced a period that driven by policy and then driven by market. In the period of policy, usually the most serious period, the country's environmental pollution and the environmental protection industry is not really release of vigor. And following the arrival of the period of market, enterprise in environmental protection technology research and development on significantly higher, the enthusiasm of today's famous enterprise is truly established the leading position at this stage. 
At present, China's environmental protection market still depends on the "policy" greatly, and lijun zhao do also know the problems that exist in the current industry. However, his confidence for the future of China's environmental protection is also the faith in market forces.