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Paper Chemicals

It is one of the main types, which is the latest research achievements of our company. Throughout the PH value, the product is of ionization completely, which can be directly adsorbed onto fiber pulp. By means of the ionic bond that the cationic and anion in the fiber form, amido and a large number of hydroxyl hydrogen form. Also, the product is highly efficient fiber dispersing agent, enabling a more even distribution of pulp fibers in the uniform, and can improve the paper formation, promoting the combination of fiber uniformity in order to increase the physical indicators of the paper effectively, such as the paper dry strength, fracture length,durability, stiffness, pop strength, pressive strength and other indicators, making effectively all the indicators increase by 10-30%.


It can significantly increase the retention of small fiber and drainability, and improve effectively the size resistance of paper , improving by 10-30%, and correspondingly lower the dosage of rosin (neutral size) 10-30%.


In recent years, due to the fact that the machine water system is becoming more and more closed, the influence of anionic interference on paper is more and more serious. Being added before the net,its strong cationic can effectively adsorb anionic charge, keeping the normal operation of the machine maintenance.