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Solid Surface Sizing Agent


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General Introduction :

This product is for the surface strength and water-resistance of the corrugated paper and paper suitable for surface sizing with pulp-adding. It can replace the liquid surface sizing agent completely. Due to the Hydrophobic Gene, it can become the Water-resistance Gene together with the starch molecular. This improves the water-resistance of the surface sizing starch for corrugated paper. Then, stop the surface wet again. After sizing with this product, the water-absorption value can be 50% max, water-resistance time can be 3-5minutes.

Quality Standard :

Items Index
Appearance Light green powder
Ionic type Polybasic
PH 4--5.5
Solid Content >=98%
specific gravity 1 : 1.6
Solubility Easy to soluble in hot water , Good solubility with starch.

Using Method :

Put this product into the cooking-starch reactor, cooking together with the starch and amylase. Keep stirring when heating. It's better to add some aluminum sulfate to adjust the viscosity. When the temperature reach to 93-95°C, heat preservation for 5 minutes. Then, it could be used for sizing directly. It needn't any liquid sizing agent.

Package: 25kgs kraft paper bags /according to customer's demand.

Storage: Cool ventilated drying stock.