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Wet Strength Agent


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General Introduction :

Wet Strength Agent is used for increasing the wet strength of paper,it is widely used for toilet paper, wet turban, facial tissues and diaper paper, etc. And it can be used as the auxiliary agent for producing the cultural paper.

Technical Data :

Appearance The content of solid Viscosity PH
light yellow transparent solution 12.5±0.5 , 16.5±0.5 35-80 4-7

In addition to increased PAE wet strength agent in paper performance, but also to varying degrees, increase stem strength, and the process of packing paper for the retention agent, filter aid to increase production of paper and running water to remove plant material tiny stars flocculant. The main features of this product is easy to be fiber absorption, can be neutral or alkaline conditions ripening. It is a thermosetting resin, in the paper through the paper in the process of drying and storage methods to the development of strong performance of its wetlands.

The main advantage of the goods is the use of effective and generally the amount of pulp dry weight of 1.0% (PAE dollars by 100%) satisfactory results can be obtained for a wide range of PH value. This product is non-toxic products without stimulation can be used to copy a variety of food wrapping paper made for a neutral paper. PAE resin at the same time given the nature of many valuable paper, high dimensional stability, high strength, can be neutral sizing, good ink absorption and so on.

Properties :

1. paper production efficiency: After using the product, the paper production efficiency will be improved by 6.0%~8.0%.

2. wet strength effct: Easy to absorb water, with obvious anti-scratches effect.

3. with excellent performance of keeping lustre and color, do not reduce the whiteness of original fiber.

4. with stable chemical properties and good compatibility.