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Multifunctional pretreatment refining bleaching powder KA-J81


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Qualitative Index :

1.Appearance: White Alkaline fine particles.

2.Ionic nature: Anionic/ nonionic.

3.Effective content: >=98%.

4.Solubility: can be diluted with any proportion of water.

Properties and Uses :

1.KA-J81 is a new environmentally friendly pre-treatment agent. With the use of hydrogen peroxide, no need adding caustic soda scouring agent, improving production efficiency, simplifies the production process operations.

2.KA-J81 is used for scouring, desizing and bleaching disposable processing of cotton, plyester and blended fabrics. And it is simple and safe.

3.Under process operation of KA-J81 is more convenient premise, capillary effect and whiteness guarantee the achievement of the original pre-treatment of traditional crafts technical indicators. It largely realizes saving energy, reducing costs. The entire production process is conveniently friendly.

Craft and Dosage :

1.Rolling steaming process:

a)Steaming time 50-70 minutes.

b)Temperature 100-102°C.

c)Padding with liquid rate from 105%-120%.

d)Amount: A thin fabric 35-40g/L, C thick fabric 50-55g/L.

An appropriate amount of hydrogen peroxide (Specific programs adjusts according to requirement of capillary effect and whiteness).


2.Overflow machine process:

a)Bath ratio: 1:10, temperature: 95-100°C.

b)Amount: A thin fabric 1.5-2.5g/L, B medium fabric 3-4g/L, C thick fabric 4-6g/L. (Scouring dosage adjusts according to requirement of capillary effect).


Package and Storage :

1. 25 kg or 30 kg woven bag with plastic lined, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place in summer, put in the warehouse in winter, as a general textile chemicals for transportation.

2.Storage life: Six month. The product is environmental friendly for not containing APEO or chemical contraband.