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PAM Emulsion


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Physical Property :

The product is one kind of high efficiency liquid flocculants with high concentration, polymerized in the oil by using advanced technology of water-in-oil and W/O emulsifier, with high conversion rate, high molecular weight, high stability, multi-function, instant, etc. 

Application :

1. Used as paper retention for culture paper, newspaper and cardboard paper, etc, with high-effective contents, fast-dissolving, low dosage, doubled efficiency than other water-in-water emulsion.

2. Used as water treatment chemical, for municipal sewage, papermaking, dyeing, coal washing, mill run and other industrial wastewater treatment and oil drilling, with high-viscosity, fast-reaction, broad application, convenient to use. 

Attention :

1. Operator should wear protective appliance to avoid touching skin. If so, wash immediately to rinse out. 

2. Avoid sprinkling on floor. If so, clear in time to prevent slip and injure.

3. Storaged in the dry and cool place, at the suitable temperature of 5-30°C.

Packing&Storeage :

Cool ventilated place storage, avoid sun-baked and wringing and strong oxidant,storage period of12 months. 25 kg and 200 kg or 1000 kg barrels packaging, according to the transport of non-dangerous goods.